KNOKAR s.r.o.

Knokar s.r.o. was established on 20 December 2007 in Prague.

The company is divided into several divisions, and we collaborate with renowned Czech and foreign companies.

We focus primarily on providing VIP services for private clients throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. The main domain is long-term rental of luxury vehicles (operating leasing), short-term rental, rental of luxury vehicles with a driver and rental of other vehicles.

The division involved in vehicle rentals and operating leasing has approximately 160 vehicles in its portfolio, including factory brands BENTLEY, ROLLS-ROYCE, PORSCHE, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, LAND ROVER, AUDI, LEXUS, VOLVO, MINI, FORD and others. The vehicle fleet is under the service management and control of contractual partners according to individual brands and types of vehicles. For years, Knokar has collaborated and continues to collaborate with important celebrities from cultural and public life, such as Karel Gott, Lucie Bílá, Jiřinka Bohdalová, Heidi Janků, Zdeněk Podhůrský and Martin Dejdar, who is the main media face of our company, and many other prominent and well-known people from show business.

In addition to vehicle rentals, we are also able to offer the possibility to use highly representative social spaces and government and presidential lounges. The priority of the offered services is an individual approach to the client and representative above-standard service. In addition to private clients, we also provide services to governmental and non-governmental organizations, ministries, embassies, diplomatic corps, hotels and companies.

We of course also deliver the vehicles to their destinations, offices, hotels and to the private addresses of our clients.

Upon request, we offer clients a personal presentation of the services offered, testing of individual vehicle models, brands and individual tailor-made service.


Jiří Knotek
Managing Director of Knokar s.r.o.

“My first car was a Wartburg 353W, but I don’t remember the exact number of cars I’ve had in my life. Not that I always owned them all. I like not only buying cars, but also testing them. If you want to obtain a dream car, Knokar will definitely make it happen for you,”

says actor, presenter and the face of Knokar s.r.o. Martin Dejdar.